Daily Fluff: Goat practices parkour moves at park

Goat Practices Parkour Moves at Park
 Parkour is...
Mountain goats are naturals at the urban sport.

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Parkour is all the rage among goats. The non-competitive urban sport in which participants utilize their surroundings to perform vaults, leaps, swings, jumps, and other moves to maintain momentum began catching in the goat community earlier this year.

One local goat was spotted this week practicing moves in the park.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said picnicker Zahira Turner. “That little goat was jumping from one rock to another, hopping over fences, climbing walls. It looked really fun.”

The key to successful Parkour is maintaining momentum while maximizing creativity and agility and remaining safe at all times, said Johannes Aarsbergen, an instructor of the sport from Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Goats, especially mountain goats, are naturals,” he said.

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