Frenchie and Pug to Star in ‘Lethal Weapon’...
When the plan to film another Lethal Weapon movie was announced at Cannes in May, everyone assumed Mel Gibson and Danny Glover would reprise their roles.

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When Joel Silver and Richard Donner announced their intentions to film another Lethal Weapon movie at Cannes last May, everyone assumed Mel Gibson and Danny Glover would reprise their roles. However, Gibson reportedly still has no interest in the long-rumored sequel. 

So what are Silver and Donner up to?

According to a report on, the project isn’t a sequel, but a full franchise reboot. 

"With Gibson not interested, Warner Bros. has put Lethal Weapon 5 on ice,” said the site. “Instead Donner has penned a reboot of the series and sources tell Deadline that two dogs have been cast to star in the new film.”

The Fluffington Post has learned that the two leading roles have indeed been given to a pug and a french bulldog that are relative unknowns in the industry.

Filming is expected to begin in January and the movie has a planned release of holiday 2014.

Via fatalpassion.

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