Doggie 5K Competitors Size Up the Competition
A dog named Busy's "butt got the most sniffs. He's the one to beat."

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Competitors at the annual Puppy Fun Run 5K were invited to a pre-race event in order to meet the media and each other. The racers gathered at the local dog park this morning and spent the first half of the event running around, chasing balls, and generally sizing up the competition while showing off from media in attendance.

That was followed by a press conference, during which the most popular pup was Busy, a Kelly Blue Terrier who is the favorite to win the mid-size dog group.

Said trainer Tom Scott, “The other dogs are clearly afraid of Busy. If you’ll notice, his butt got the most sniffs. He’s the one to beat, and they know it.”

The race will be run tomorrow at 2pm.

Via katsusj.

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