Daily Fluff: Cat fails to call 'safe seat'

Cat Fails to Call ‘Safe Seat’
 Things turned ugly...
Alfie and Winchester don't both fit, so they can't both sit.

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Things turned ugly this morning after a local cat failed to call “safe seat.” At 7:26 AM local time, a cat by the name of Winchester returned from a trip to the water dish to find that his younger brother, Alfie, had taken his seat on the scratching post.

"He was only gone for two, three minutes, tops," said witness Sabine Montclair.

When Alfie refused to vacate the spot, Winchester sat down on top of him. The two were like that when the police arrived.

"If Winchester didn’t call safe seat then Alfie was well within his rights to sit," said police office Keith Avery. "We’re still sorting out the details and the chain of events."

Via myalfiecat.

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