Daily Fluff: Samsonite promises 'room for cats' in latest luggage line

Samsonite Promises ‘Room for Cats’ in Latest...
"They're just going to climb in there while you're packing anyway," the company's spokesperson astutely noted.

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Samsonite, the leading manufacturer of suitcases and other travel gear, has debuted a new line of luggage that touts extra space for traveling kitties.

"They’re just going to climb in there while you’re packing anyway," says the company’s spokesperson Amanda Wasserstein. "The Feline Comfort line is specially engineered to adhere to all of your cat’s natural curves and ensure the best possible fit. Also, the suitcases come standard with those rolly wheels that change direction, because what is this, the Middle Ages?"

The new suitcases are expected to hit stores in early November, just in time for the holiday travel rush.

Via scumbagcoley.

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