Daring Bunny Thief Eats Neighborhood Lettuce
The furry interloper has destroyed a dozen backyards in three days.

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A furry thief is on the loose in Tompkins County, CT. Witnesses say a bunny has been munching lettuce plants in gardens across the area, decimating as many as twelve backyard gardens over the past three days.

“That little rascal ate my prized European Rogue d’Hiver romaine heirloom,” said Nancy Phillips, whose garden was ravaged by the fluffy menace. “I’ll have to start my seeds all over again!”

The police think the culprit might be a rabbit named ‘Peter’ who hasn’t been seen at his job in over a week. Their working theory is that these lettuce thefts are actually a rehearsal for a more daring heist involving Mr. McGregor’s prized carrots.

Via audreyjm529.

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