We want to welcome you to LOL, a brand-new vertical on the Daily Dot. It's a celebration of all the humor Web culture has to offer.

The Daily Dot's mission is to be a community newspaper for citizens in digital ZIP codes. We report on the breaking news, influential figures, and general culture that helps shape and define Web communities—to give them a voice, a paper of record. We take our role and our audience seriously, and we strive to report news in a way that's transparent and respectful to the subject matter.

But serious news represents only one fraction of the Internet.

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Our writers and editors live in every North American time zone, and since we can't all share an office, we've all gotten to know one another by spending hours in a group chat room sharing the funniest, most outlandish photos, screenshots, videos, and GIFs we can find. And sometimes we work. 

Sharing our disparate tastes in Web wickedness has unearthed gems from corners of the Internet I never knew existed: college football offices covered in Twilight posters, Chris Brown's Instagram self-portraits, 100-year-old cat videos, Tumblr artists crafting backstories for popular GIFs, and fandoms devoted to… uh, well, you'll see. 

Now we're bringing you our game of one-upmanship. We want to welcome you to LOL, a brand-new vertical on the Daily Dot. It's a celebration of all the humor Web culture has to offer, with a special focus on artifacts from meme history, 1980s GIF tributes, disturbing Justin Bieber fanfic, dumb criminals on Facebook, and Photoshops of Beyoncé as the Incredible Hulk.

And tacos. We love tacos.

You'll also find our regular features you know and love, now in one convenient house. There's Daily Fluff, our Internet puppy store; Morning GIF, selections from the Tumblr GIF-art scene; Reddit Digest, meta-commentary for redditors who can't get caught on the site during weekdays; YouTube Guide, our viral-video roundup; and Weird Wikipedia, highlighting the strange-but-true corners of the free encyclopedia.

Ready? Sit back, relax.

It's time to celebrate. Internet-style.

Main art via bunny_chuu, remix by the Daily Dot

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