Dad busts daughter for ridiculous backseat selfie shoot

car backseat
How your selfie sausage gets made.

The secret of perfect selfies, as everyone knows by now, is taking hundreds of them. You post the best of the best, then destroy any evidence you tried that hard.

Problem is, once you’ve been sucked into a self-absorbed photo session, you may not realize that someone else is watching. One dad took advantage of his daughter’s obliviousness and captured video of her pulling weird faces in the backseat of his car:  

Fathers have been deliberately embarrassing their kids for centuries if not millennia, but we feel rather blessed to live in an age when YouTube makes it this easy.

Photo by Greg Gjerdingen/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

What we teach our kids when we take selfies
BY JOANNA SCHROEDER I’ve read a lot of articles lately complaining about seflies—you know, the photos we take of ourselves with our cell phones. Some try to claim that selfies are a sign of narcissistic tendencies, and one hoax even claimed that selfies are now listed as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association, but we know that’s complete bunk.
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