Dad turns his kid into the cutest possible drum set

Screen_Shot_2014-06-05_at_9.25.21_AM.png (634×340)
That's one squeaky drum set.

Atticus Avenue drummer Brad Kuehner doesn’t have as much time to get out and practice with his band these days, now that he’s got a kid he’s got to take care of. But he’s still finding ways to keep his chops hot.

Via a video posted to the Alabama rock 'n' roll foursome’s YouTube page Monday, Kuehner’s apparently taken to hand drumming on his toddler boy, whose body not only creates a solid hollow tom-tom sound but also manages to squeak like a scratching record when he laughs.

“This is how I am practicing for Alabaster City Fest this year,” Kuehner wrote on Facebook Monday evening. So far, the clip’s gained more than 68,000 views.

Photo via AtticusAvenue/YouTube

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