Watch these dachshunds try (and adorably fail) to play hockey

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Screengrab via crusoedachshund/Facebook

The Mighty Dogs.

Dog hockey. 

Yup, that’s right—it’s totally a thing, and it’s incredible. As you’ll see, two dogs by the name of Crusoe (apparently a celebrity dachshund) and Oakley went one-on-one in a recent matchup.

Fortunately, the game never gets so heated that the two dogs trade paw punches; instead, they taking turns chewing on the ball and not exactly understanding what they’re supposed to do. But they look cute doing it, so what does it really matter?

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Also, since the video is on Crusoe’s Facebook page, it’s hard not to imagine an actual dog responding to people’s comments, which makes moments such as this one extra-great.


Oh, and this one, too:


Anyway, here’s to many more sporting misadventures with Crusoe and Oakley. Maybe they’ll even be at the Olympics this summer.

H/T Deadspin

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