Corgi vs. Shih Tzu is the cutest canine showdown ever

Screen_Shot_2014-01-22_at_12.00.06_PM.png (1807×902)
Negotiations were tense.

Purebred dogs—especially the smaller ones—can be awfully spoiled and willful, always used to getting their way, and none too pleased when they don’t. So what will happen when a Shih Tzu and a Corgi, two totally hardheaded breeds, find themselves at odds? A struggle for the ages.

At first it appears the Shih Tzu, called Chewy, possibly short for Chewbacca, has all the advantages in trying to pull Winston the Corgi upstairs: the leash, their owner’s encouragement, and a fierce determination to win. But over time, Winston begins to wear him out, using his more significant body mass as anchor and waiting out Chewy’s mighty leash-tugs with firm resolve.

What did Chewy want Winston to join him upstairs for? I suppose we’ll never know. Still, sometimes you have no choice but to bid a friend farewell and go your separate ways.

Photo via Adam R/YouTube

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