Chrissy Teigen's mom and dad are even better at Twitter than she is

chrissy teigen

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The apple doesn't fall far from the tweet.

Parents on Twitter have forged their own hilarious social media genre. Whether they're subtweeting you without even realizing it or struggling with the art of the DM, (we see you, Kareem), the tweeting habits of moms and dads certainly beat the hell out of chain-letter emails and panicked Facebook posts.

And sometimes the ones who raised you turn out to be just as adept at Twitter as you are. Taking the best parts of the internet and distilling it into two wonderful accounts are social media queen and model Chrissy Teigen's own mother and father.

First up, Teigen's dad, Ron, who is hell-bent on smuggling a ferret into the state of California, where the pets are illegal.

Ron's taking the uptight Golden State to task not only to cause a ruckus but because his wife, Vilailuck, won't let him get a cockatoo. He's quick to point out these grievances and more without her knowledge.
Though Vilailuck's Twitter handle graces many of Ron's tweets, she's seemingly clueless about her husband's animal-loving struggles. Either through deliberate subtweeting or apathy, Ron has omitted the trusty @ sign needed to get her attention.

Not that she'd be interested in answering his pleas for a pet—unless it could be done through emoji. The few @-replies from Vilailuck are pretty concise in the word department, as is her Twitter account in general.

Frankly, the copious food porn photos she posts speak for themselves.

One-liners and drool-worthy food is pretty much Chrissy Teigen's bread and butter. Now we know where she gets it.
chrissy teigen
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