Charlie the chicken looks better in pants than most humans do


Photo via protohiro/Flickr (CC-BY 2.0)

Dior Fall 2016.

How would a chicken wear pants? Like this.

Debra Snodgrass of Prescott Valley, Arizona, posted a video to Facebook of Charlie the chicken wearing some chic blue trousers. Apparently he's "back at it again," so we're guessing this isn't the first time that good ol' Charlie has pranced around the yard in the stunning look.

Watch as he hops around the other less-fashionable chickens. 

[Placeholder for video embed.]
And we've got to say, those pants really flatter Charlie's figure. Look how plump his caboose look—it's tailored to per-fec-tion. 

We do have one question though: Charlie, who are you wearing?! This look will undoubtedly be on all the runways later this fall. 

H/T Cheezburger

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