Student suspended from school for taking extra chicken nugget at lunch

chicken nugget lunch

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Kid's gotta eat.

Farragut High School senior Carson Keller probably didn't think he'd make national news for chowing down. Yet the Knoxville, Tennessee, teen has been gracing newspapers and online media all over the country for taking an extra chicken nugget at lunch.

Keller's standard lunch tray special included just five nuggets, but he wanted more. So, he took an extra and was charged accordingly, which apparently is a pattern for the guy. Chicken nuggets are inarguably the best part of a school lunch, and Keller was willing to pay for greatness.

Perhaps school officials were hungry or short on nuggets the day they decided to suspend him for his appetite. Whatever the case, Keller was hauled into the principal's office for some swift justice that honestly made no damn sense whatsoever. After looking at the charges, Keller's mom determined he'd even overpaid for the nuggets.

Like all good mothers of millennials, she took to social media and wrote an impassioned Facebook post defending her son.

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Principal Ryan Siebe apparently had a snack (was it nuggets?) and came to his senses shortly after the whole episode. Keller's suspension has been lifted and he can now go forth and enjoy that extra nugget guilt-free.
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