Charlie Sheen's embattled sperm may have survived an otherwise toxic mixture of cocaine, testosterone, and tiger blood 23 years ago to impregnate a Norwegian stewardess. 
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This guy got 1 million likes, which means he's about to get laid
It only took 18 hours and 1 million likes, but in that time, Norway's Petter Kverneng went from hopeless to hopeful to downright ecstatic. That's because Petter Kverneng has now been granted the opportunity to sleep with a girl who's long since held him in the friendzone—and he's got Facebook to thank.
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This is how the Internet responds when a porn star is beaten up
Last weekend, the adult performer Christy Mack landed in the hospital from injuries sustained during an alleged assault by her ex-boyfriend, the MMA fighter War Machine (a.k.a. Jon Koppenhaver). According to a statement she published on Twitter, Mack is currently hospitalized with a broken nose, 18 broken bones, a fractured rib, a ruptured liver, and several missing and broken teeth. She cannot walk, chew or speak. During the attack, “I believed I was going to die,” she wr...

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