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Programmers: Please stop capitalizing on gruesome tragedies to make novelty lulz. Also, Daft Punk, Juliette Lewis, and the Gap in 2001.

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  • Yep, there's a Charles Ramsey video game and you can play it right here. Burger Bash lets you throw McDonald's hamburgers at tiny Ariel Castros. Programmers: Please stop capitalizing on gruesome tragedies to make novelty lulz. 

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Japanese teen pop meets death metal in an explosion of awesome
In an age when nearly every song ever recorded is available at a moment’s notice, it’s easy to get cynical about music. Everything’s been done before and we have a never-ending Spotify playlist to prove it.
charles ramsey
Charles Ramsey saves 3 kidnapped women, gives all-star interview
Charles Ramsey is more than just a hero. He's an interview hall of famer. On Monday, Ramsey rescued three women from their captor when he heard screaming emanating from his neighbor's house in Cleveland, Ohio. The women in question—Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight—had been missing for more than 10 years. All three of them were were found to be in good health.
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