Bulldozer battle erupts between rival construction crews in China


Screengrab via Tencent

So it's come to this.

In China's slumping construction market, competition for jobs is fierce. So fierce, apparently, that rival crews are just charging at each other with bulldozers in the streets of Hebei province. 

According to the local government, the machines colliding in this footage belong to competing construction firms fighting over a contract. Unfortunately, details about the dispute are scarce—we don't know what incited the fight, who won, or whether any arrests were made. 

The situation is still under investigation. 

The bulldozer brawl video was filmed Sunday, and it's currently blowing up on popular Chinese social media site Tencent, Shanghaiist reports.

"Forklift street melee things do happen," according to an awkward Google translation of a story from Chinese internet portal NetEase. Indeed.

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