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Maybe this is what passes for fun in Minnesota.

If you’re a snow lover living in North America, this winter has been particularly good to you, with record-breaking snowfall around the U.S.

These guys decided to take advantage of the massive snow drifts outside their home in Minnesota to go “snow swimming,” in full summer regalia, complete with goggles, swim caps, and Speedos.

Oh, by the way, dudes, about that Speedo situation... well, you’ll see.

One wonders what the thought process was:

“You know what would be cool? To dive into a giant pile of cold slush armed with only a thin layer of spandex!”

“Yeah! We'll totally subject the most sensitive parts of our anatomy to sub-freezing temperatures! It’ll be totally fine, let’s do it!”

Then again, maybe this is what passes for fun on any given day in Minnesota. Maybe there's other Duluth residents standing around in their swim trunks mocking these guys for being wimps.

Screengrab via Shane Campbell/YouTube

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