No one can tell what colors these flip flops are

blue black flip flops

Photo via Twitter/positivedemi (CC-BY)

Here we go again.

For the last freaking time, it's black and blue.

The internet is once again debating the colors of an article of clothing after someone  posted a photo of a pair of Havaianas flip flops online.

And just like the world's most unfortunate undead meme of all time, The Dress, the flip flops either look white and gold or black and blue.
If this is anything like the Dress—and it almost certainly is—than the flips flops are definitely blue and black. Science and technology proved it. From where I'm sitting, white and gold will never win.

Now for the love of God, can we please just get ahold of the fashion industry and beg them to stop putting blue and black clothing items in stores with bad lighting?

H/T Mashable

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