#BlackSalonProblems is all about the struggle of getting your hair done

black salon problems

Screengrab via ScreenSlam/YouTube

Pretty hurts.

To look good, you have to put in the time, whether that means being patient enough to paint the perfect contour or just finally taking yourself to the salon to get your hair done. And Black Twitter knows plenty about #blacksalonproblems.

The hilarious hashtag braids up all the problems of sitting down in the salon chair. And while it'd be great if Nicki Minaj was the go-to stylist, sometimes you gotta deal with someone who leaves you hanging to get some grub. Black girls everywhere are scrolling through this hashtag and thinking "this is too real" while laughing their asses off. 

Check out the struggle:

Next time, bring your own reading and tell your mom the wait is going to be a bit longer than expected. Or check out the rest of these relatable stories by exploring the #blacksalonproblems hashtag. 
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