Please enjoy this collection of birds who prefer the train to flying

bird train

Photo via Oliver/Flickr (CC-BY-SA 2.0) Remix by Max Fleishman

Boy, are their wings never tired.

For as long as humans and birds have coexisted, we've envied them for the ability and freedom of flight. And let's be honest: Airplanes are a pretty shitty consolation prize. 

But have we ever considered the bird's point of view? Maybe flying loses its thrill after a while. Maybe they're jealous of our effortless, terrestrial forms of transportation. That would certainly explain why the subreddit r/birdstakingthetrain exists.

Because yeah, turns out? Birds fucking love trains, and they've got this commute thing all figured out.

They even have particular seating preferences.


They definitely enjoy the window view when they can get it.Unfortunately, they've been known to invade other passengers' personal space. 
Sometimes they catch the wrong line...
...or can't remember where to get off.But by and large, they don't seem to cause many problems.And not a few of them are basically model customers.So if you see a bird on your train platform, please just don't be rude, OK? They're only trying to get home, same as you. 


We salute you, train-riding birds. May you never flap those wings any more than you have to.

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