This is the most earth-shattering water bottle flip of 2016

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Photo via Kevin Doncaster/Flickr (CC-BY 2.0)

The world will never be the same.

We’ve seen some pretty cool water bottle flips in 2016.

There was this one:

And, most famously, this one:
But as with any athletic challenge, someone inevitably decides to take it to the next level. Think of the way Michael Jordan conquered basketball. Or Serena Williams with tennis. Or Wayne Gretzky with hockey. Or Beyoncé with... everything. 

You see, there are masters whose skills trump any other person who attempts to defeat them. And since this is the year of water bottle flipping, it’s time to separate the pros from the amateurs. It’s time to see who’s really about that life. It’s time to see who’s in the water bottle flipping game for the long haul and who thinks it’s just a fun meme. 

So here is best water bottle flip that this planet has ever witnessed:

This man went on a job interview and instead of saying “playing basketball” or showing them a neat card trick when they asked him if he had any special talents, he pulled out his water bottle and flipped it with such effortlessness that the planet shifted on its axis. The interviewers didn’t have time to process what they witnessed due to the earthquake that discombobulated their entire being. The white gentleman had to leave work early to take his clothes to the dry cleaners. The bottle flipper, King Vader, knew what he’d done before the bottle even landed, which is why a random pair of shades appeared as his face as he turned around with cool swag. Just another day in the life of a bottle flipping champion, I guess.

But he can’t be the best forever. Now it’s your turn to top him.

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