The 13 best live reactions to Game 7 of the NBA Finals

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So many feelings.

Were you too busy watching Cleveland win a sports championship for the first time since your grandparents were teenagers to notice what was happening on social media Sunday night? If so, here are all of the important NBA Finals-related tweets you might’ve missed.

1) Kim Kardashian trying to get the world to watch something more important than the finals

2) Excited Cleveland fans stealing a firetruck

3) Cleveland Police dispelling rumors that a firetruck was stolen

4) Cleveland Fire Department trying to tweet helpful information through their wastedness

5) Ayesha Curry letting you know that God also thinks the game was rigged

6) Obama letting you know that his opinions aren’t neutral when it comes to basketball

7) Iman Shumpert’s daughter refusing to touch the championship trophy

8) J.R. Smith getting emotional before he parties for the rest of the summer

9) The party beginning shortly after

10) Khaleesi putting things into perspective

11) The Lebron Crying meme

12) Ayesha preparing the Warriors a post-game snack

13) Congratulations to LeBron and the Cavs not only for winning their first championship, but for getting Jay Z to tweet about something other than Tidal

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