Donald Trump humping his chair at the debate made for some disturbing Photoshops

donald trump debate chair

Photo via Imgur

It gets pretty dark.

For the millions of Americans watching the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton last night, there was plenty to freak out about. Yet it was the image of an exasperated (or rapturous?) Trump clutching the back of a chair for dear life that really stood out.

Think it can't get better (or worse) than that? Wrong! To the Photoshops! Fair warning: These may be traumatic for anyone with functioning eyes.These are great and all, but isn't there a version that more accurately conveys the absolute nonsense that transpired on that stage? Ah, yeah. There it is.
donald trump
This is the single best photo from the 2nd presidential debate
The second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is over, and America can breathe again.
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