Everyone's buzzing about this Facebook page for bee memes

bee with flower

Photo via John Flannery/Flickr (CC-BY)

Welcome to the hive.

Sure, bees are great. We all love bees (unless you're allergic, in which case your life is still not more important than bees—get over yourself). 

There are lots of websites about how special bees are, and how important they are to the ecosystem, but there's also a Facebook page devoted to strange bee memes. And if Wikipedia is where you go to fill your head with bee facts, Beewave is where you go to fill your heart with bee love.

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.829459950491663.1073741828.700419306729062/829897580447900/?type=3&theater embed.]
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.700420040062322.1073741827.700419306729062/829898623781129/?type=3&theater embed.]
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.829459950491663.1073741828.700419306729062/829898800447778/?type=3&theater embed.]
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.829459950491663.1073741828.700419306729062/829897957114529/?type=3&theater embed.]
It's just bizarrely adorable. Whoever made it clearly loves bees so much that they had to share that love with the world. They didn't even want any credit for their creation. The "about" section of the page is a simple as it is elegant:

Obviously, you've got your bee memes/quotes:

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.829459950491663.1073741828.700419306729062/829897843781207/?type=3&theater embed.]
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.829459950491663.1073741828.700419306729062/843750835729241/?type=3&theater embed.]
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.829459950491663.1073741828.700419306729062/829897880447870/?type=3&theater embed.]
But you also get great bee comics, personal stories, and articles:
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.829459950491663.1073741828.700419306729062/845228065581518/?type=3&theater embed.]
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.829459950491663.1073741828.700419306729062/829897213781270/?type=3&theater embed.]
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=839693816134943&id=700419306729062 embed.]
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.829459950491663.1073741828.700419306729062/829896900447968/?type=3&theater embed.]
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.829459950491663.1073741828.700419306729062/829896453781346/?type=3&theater embed.]
Make sure to check out the Facebook page for more bee-related tomfoolery, and may the Force bee with you.
[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/700419306729062/photos/a.829459950491663.1073741828.700419306729062/829897920447866/?type=3&theater embed.]

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