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Screengrab via BBC Sport/Twitter

It's more innocent than it seems.

BBC presenter Dan Walker has already had a very eventful Olympics. One of his late-night broadcasts interrupted by a bachelorette party. But that's nothing compared to what occurred in a live shot last night.

Walker gave his usual update on Copacabana Beach, but this time around his background shot included not just passersby. A couple on the left side of the screen looked as though they might’ve been engaging in a very private moment. But what they were really doing, Walker noted, was reading a book. Probably. Sure. 

"For those asking what's going on in the background on social media now, we're not going to zoom in," Walker said. "But rest assured, it's not...that."

And for those who might not have believed him, he reassured his Twitter followers that the shot was safe for TV.

Don’t worry, the Olympics are almost over.

H/T Mashable

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