BBC radio presenter strips down for a shot-by-shot 'Wrecking Ball' homage

This is the only thing more uncomfortable than watching the genuine article.

Whether you view it as a comment on the double standards that confound all questions of gender—see also: that one “Blurred Lines” parody—or just an excuse to make a million people watch him cavort naked, you have to hand it to BBC radio presenter Greg James. He set out to reshoot Miley Cyrus’s megahit video for “Wrecking Ball” with himself in the lead, and that’s exactly what he did. Though he left the actual vocals to Miley, surely out of respect.

The walls may not look as solid, the lipstick not quite so red, the eyes not nearly as blue, and he shaves about a minute off the track (thank god), but as far as shots of licking a sledgehammer and swinging nude on a wrecking ball and just looking generally overwhelmed? James has got every angle covered. Even the tattoos.

The result is a fairly disturbing and definitely NSFW (we repeat, this guy is naked) glimpse into the mind of any guy who has ever song along with a female pop star with something like genuine feeling. Watch if you dare, and don't be surprised if you find yourself a bit moved—even if it's to a different room:

Photo via BBC Radio 1/YouTube

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