Barack Obama tweets the number 69, and Twitter users go wild

Why Donald Trump is 4chan's ultimate prank
Trump’s younger supporters think he’s an incompetent joke. In fact, that’s why they support him.

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A subset of Internet users (and boys between the ages of 13 and, oh, 45) love the number 69. You probably already know why, and if not, Rob Gronkowski can probably explain it to you.

But lately, it's become an Internet trend that whenever somebody mentions the number 69, the response of "nice" is immediate. It might be a South Park gag or something from Deep Space 69, but wherever the meme was born, it's certainly arrived.

For instance:

From a Death and Taxes story in January.And take a look at this Salon story from earlier this month.The meme is rather juvenile, yet still kind of funny. But it looks like Barack Obama unwittingly got into the action Friday by mentioning a stat about the percentage of Americans who want Congress to vote on the Supreme Court judge nomination of Merrick Garland

Obama's tweet had a certain number attached to it, and predictably, the Internet went bananas.

The tweet itself.

You probably won't guess the first Twitter user to troll the president. That's right. It's MSNBC host Chris Hayes!
From then on, it was just a party of nice, nice, nice.But let's give the last word to the most clever, the one who can take a meme, give it a new twist, and make terrible grammar and spelling decisions in the process. Because, even more than caring about what Congress does with a judicial nomination, that's really what America is all about. 

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President Obama to nominate appellate judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court
President Obama on Wednesday nominated Judge to the Supreme Court , setting up another bitter fight with congressional Republicans in his final year in office as he seeks to fill the seat left empty by the death of Antonin Scalia .
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