Modest baby tortoise decides to leave his eggshell on

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Screengrab via Schildkrötenwelt/YouTube

The new look for spring.

The great advantage in being a tortoise, as we know, is having a sturdy carapace for protection from predators and the elements. But one little guy wasn't quite ready to show off his shell yet, so he left his egg on.

This adorable video first turned up on the German-language "Turtle World" YouTube channel last year, but we'd remiss if we didn't share it with you now. You can tell it's a bit awkward, stumbling around in the world before you've fully hatched, but this tortoire is sure to come out of (t)his shell someday.

And is it just us, or does this look like something from Kanye's fashion line?

H/T Arbroath

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