Why aren't you already looking at these baby rhino GIFs?

baby rhino
Nothing else matters.

Pop quiz: How cute are baby rhinos? Answer: about ten times cuter than you thought.

The proof lies in the absolutely essential Reddit forum r/babyrhinogifs, where the most adorable exploits of these nubby, curious, armor-plated wonders are preserved for the greater good of humankind. Seriously, just try to have a bad day after gazing upon some of the greatest hits.



This li’l guy has a sheep friend:


This one can't quite make it out of the pool:




Here’s how they play with exercise balls—by spearing them to death.


Getting this one on the scale is no easy task:


Sometimes they just wanna be left alone…


…Unless you're Stephen Fry.


Or a branch.


Good night!


I’m almost positive that in some alternate universe, I work at a rhino preserve and am all the more fulfilled for it. Really must remember to check any relevant Craigslist job postings.

Photo by Holly Occhipinti/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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