Finally, there's an iPhone for the commoners

Congratulations, common folk. You have your own iPhone.

It took six years for the masterminds at Apple to finally figure out that they were ignoring a key demographic when marketing the iPhone: poor people.

Apple’s latest iPhone announcement has become a creative playground for parodists, and Tuesday's unveiling of the iPhone 5S and the more affordable iPhone 5C is no different. And, as we already know, the C stands for "cheaper."

The Apple creative team had to find a way to market these cheaper, ”unapologetically plastic” phone towards commoners who couldn't afford to pay regular iPhone prices, while hiding the fact that they're buying an inferior product.

All it takes is some color to let others know that while all iPhones are equal, some iPhones are more equal than others.

H/T Reddit | Photo via humordy/YouTube

This parody ad will convince you not to buy the new iPhone
Apple's "senior vice president of design" knows what you're really looking for: the same old shit, over and over, repackaged and brightened up with candy colors and setting you back hundreds of dollars. Turns out this SVP is a YouTube comedian named David So, but he's still right on the money with his Apple iPhone 5S and 5C parody commercial, which racked up a half-million views in about a day.
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