Angry squirrel chases woman who wanted a selfie with it

Screen_Shot_2016-05-12_at_11.12.27_AM.png (1318×723)

Screengrab via Hagaman Musson/YouTube

Run for your life, lady.

Some of us value our privacy more than others. Take this camera-shy squirrel, for instance.

According to YouTuber Hagaman Musson, the woman in this video was initially "trying to get a selfie" with a neighborhood tree-rodent, who reacted much as any on-the-edge celeb routinely hounded by paparazzi would: He charged right at her. 

The result is a bizarre chase scene, starting around the 0:47 mark, with the woman screaming for the critter to go away even as she continues to film the encounter. Meanwhile, Musson is laughing his ass off—because really, who runs from a squirrel?

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