The funniest things dads get mad about

angry dad

Photo via Rob Briscoe/Flickr (CC-BY)

Dads are weird, man.

We all have our daddy issues. Even if you don't want to kill him and marry your mom, you've probably at least chuckled a bit at his frustration. 

Maybe that's why so many people responded when Joel Golby, a staff writer for Vice, asked "what’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen your dad get angry at?" on Twitter.
The answered ranged from the somewhat odd.

To the really odd.

To the truly inexplicable. 
While others had a more bat-shit-insane-terrifying vibe.
Although, kudos to this guy for at least having a solid point.

It's important to remember that the dads of the world are doing their best, so while it's OK to laugh a little at their pain, maybe give them a hug afterwards? Oh, and don't stop with the stories! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, people are sure to come home with some doozies.

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