Desk and chair set is way smaller than Amazon customers realized

Amazon desk and chairs

Photo via Amazon

What is this? A desk for ants?

Do you need some school desks, and matching chairs to go with them? Planning to buy them off the internet? OK, then, a few simple tips:

  • Make sure you're paying more than $11
  • Check the dimensions of the desks and chairs, or
  • Just read the customer reviews
Otherwise, we're looking at a very stupid misunderstanding. Like so:

Never let it be said that Amazon's shoppers aren't savvy. How could they possibly know, with only a small mountain of negative feedback to peruse, that this extraordinarily cheap classroom furniture wasn't full-sized?

Yet perhaps not all is lost. Won't somebody set matters straight?

Ah, yes: Sterilization for anyone who got a little click-happy and jumped the gun on their Amazon order. Perfectly reasonable.

And to anyone who has mistakenly bought something off the internet, well, just be glad it didn't burn your genitals.

H/T Mashable

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