Alabama boy shoots home intruder, delivers sick burn on local news

chris gaither florida home invasion

Screengrab via WVTM/YouTube (Fair Use)

Troll your ground.

Eleven-year-old Chris Gaither has a message to the repeat burglar who broke into his family's Talladega, Alabama, home: "I hope you learn your lesson coming to this house trying to steal stuff." Oh, and he wants you to know how much of a wimpy crybaby the suspect is.

Gaither was just chillin' on Wednesday when the repeat offender entered the house and attempted to steal more property. He repeatedly told the dude to step off but dude just wouldn't listen. So, he grabbed a gun and unloaded a full clip—that's 12 bullets, eventually striking the hapless home invader in the leg.

What else did Gaither have to say about the now-wounded intruder?

Local NBC affiliate WVTM interviewed Gaither, where he delivered the sick burn that the suspect "started crying like a little baby." The studio's uncut interview footage with Gaither shows him smirking and giving the side-eye while a reporter laughs at the quip. Clearly, the kid was far more amused at the shade he was throwing than the afternoon disruption.

Trigger finger strong. Troll game stronger.

Correction: This article was updated to reflect the proper state, as was its headline.

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