Airbnb's odd new logo gets pervy remix treatment on Tumblr

airbnb logo
Abstraction has its price.

This article contains sexually explicit material that may be NSFW.   

Startups should probably be aware that any fanfare around a new logo can have unintended consequences: In Airbnb’s case, these would include observers crying copyright infringement

Whatever the provenance of Airbnb’s design, though, we can agree on one thing: It’s weird. Some might even argue there’s a Rorschach effect. Do you see a heart, or maybe genitals?

The doodle-like shape is certainly versatile, as evidenced by a new Tumblr account that quickly began to compile the best remixes, most of which are fairly vulgar and probably NSFW.  

Even so, there are some G-rated gems:

But if we had to pick one effort that most accurately conveyed the appeal of this room-sharing, hotel-disrupting, controversy-sparking business, it would obviously be this:

If only all branding were this honest.

Photo via @Airbnb/Twitter

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