Dudes celebrated 4/20 by hotboxing the London Eye

Hotboxing the London Eye on 4/20

Screengrab via Trollstation/YouTube


Hotboxing your friend’s car? High school status, bro. Hotboxing the London Eye? Legendary.

That’s what a group of smoking enthusiasts did to celebrate this year’s 4/20, when they took a ride high up in the sky of the London Eye to get, well, high. Blunt after blunt, the guys totally hotbox the capsule they’re in as others watch on from another capsule. “Would you smoke a doobie if you were in there?” asks a cameraman in the other capsule. “Yes, probably,” responds one of the women sitting down.

The best moment is easily when the guys, after smoking and rapping for two minutes, take a munchies break and pass bags of Doritos to each other. After all, you can’t celebrate 4/20 and weed without snacks. Needless to say, the London Eye became a lot more dank once those guys entered and left it.

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