Tumblr remixed some amazing reaction GIFs to put its signature spin on the Yahoo merger news.

If you talk to tech bloggers about Yahoo's billion-dollar acquisition of Tumblr, they'll likely talk about return on investment or the search giant's troubled past when it comes to buyouts. To Tumblr's community of Photoshoppers, the more important question is this: Which reaction GIFs can they remix to put their signature spin on the merger news?


Wait for it…

via rantotthus

Katy knockout

via texandiamonds

Yahoo just wants to fit in

via joost5

Can Homer Simpson predict the future?

via niemozliwe

Mayer makes it rain


via manorandscout

Outtake from The Shining

via grossnational

Fist of fury

via shippingharry

A world far, far, away

via clockworkmonstrocity

Under the sea

via awkwardblackgrl

That purple dashboard

via awkwardblackgrl


via thirdfloorblog

Coupon cutting

via yaffle

When two CEOs meet

via marissamayr

Case of the Mondays

via topherchris

Pizza and cat collide

via topherchris

Illustration by Jason Reed

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