The internet transformed this 102-year-old Clinton voter into a rap icon

Jerry Emmett

Photo via CNN / YouTube

She bout to drop the hottest mixtape of the election.

Liberal voters fell in love with 102-year-old Jerry Emmett over the summer. The Prescott, Arizona, woman was an honorary delegate at the Democratic National Convention, announcing the 51 of its 85 votes cast for soon-to-be-nominee Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia.

She carried a "Centenarian for Hillary" sign and spoke excitedly in interviews about casting her vote for the first woman nominee of a major political party. It's something she's been waiting to do her entire life, made all the more impactful given her age. She can still recall seeing her mother cast her first vote following the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920.

Emmett voted early in Prescott on Tuesday. By Wednesday, Twitter was lauding her for a different achievement altogether: her fly style and mixtape-worthy voter attire.
Naturally, this got people wondering what kind of rhymes would grace Emmett's election mixtape.
Daaaaamn, Jerry! You leak that DatPiff yet?
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