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Lady Gaga gets a Tumblr (and the world will never be the same)


Word is out in every language: Lady Gaga has apparently joined Tumblr. The Little Monsters, as she calls her fans, are busy reblogging, tweeting and otherwise spreading the news.

Tumblr, as the Daily Dot has noted, is a photo- and fashion-friendly medium. So the main surprise here is that Gaga, a style maven known for her extravagant outfits and concer performances, took so long to find it.

Named "Amen†Fashion," from "Black Jesus†Amen Fashion," a song from her new album "Born This Way," Gaga's new Tumblr features her very unique fashion and style sensibility, including a picture of what appears to be a real heart encased in wire  It is appropriately named after her song: "Black Jesus † Amen Fashion.”

Interestingly enough, Lady Gaga, who has the most Twitter followers in the world according to Twitaholic, did not tweet about the site. There was no announcement on her website or her Facebook page.

But there was a story on Rolling Stone's website and Lady Gaga Daily a fan site, tweeted the news to 244,000 followers.

The best evidence, albeit secondhand, that the Tumblr belongs to Mother Monster comes from Oh No They Didn't, a celebrity-gossip blog. In a comment thread, posters claim that a Tumblr user, Dylan, had previously registered, only to be informed by a Tumblr support representative that Gaga's management had requested that Tumblr name for the artist. (We're trying to confirm that this happened.)

In any event, fans weren't waiting for official confirmation. As of mid-morning Tuesday, her five Tumblr posts—all pictures—had garnered about 25,000 responses. Not bad for her first day out.

And the Twitter response was global: “Lady Gaga cria Tumblr" “Lady Gaga hizo TUMBLR #wtf” "Lady GaGa agora tem um Tumblr!: A mãe monstra criou um Tumblr pra ela, gente! Lady GaGa criou uma conta na ferra..." “Well one good thing about today is Lady Gaga got a Tumblr!!! I know that tumblr is gonna be freakin amazing!!!”

It’s not like Lady needed more PR on the Web. She already owns a huge chunk of Internet real estate. Aside from Twitter and her 39,449,325 Facebook fans, as well as her own site, she has thousands of tribute sites—many already on Tumblr, including the obligatory fuckyeahladygaga—Tumblr users' uniquely profane way of celebrating a topic they love.