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The new .dog domain unveils with a cuteness contest for rescue dogs
Vote for your fave pup and the shelter where she came from gets a donation.
Fox News talking This one supercut shows just how sexist Fox News can be
"Know your role and shut your mouth!"
hot dog on fire Penis-on-fire video goes viral, despite being fake
It's disturbing viewers think setting a man's penis on fire is a funny reaction to cheating.
Catcalling Dads react to the catcalling their daughters experience every day
The results are surprising and not in a good way.
pollution Marine biologists save sea turtle in harrowing video. And you won't believe why
Researchers thought the turtle had a parasitic worm. But the problem was humanity's bad plastic habit.
Microsoft Solitaire goes freemium in Windows 10
Hardcore Solitaire players, we have some bad news.
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