Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the highest federal court in the United States. The constitutional opinions of its nine members, who appointed by the President of the United States to lifetime terms, set much of the nation's governmental policy.
SCOTUS the cat always has a look of terror on his little face
He's the Supreme Cat of the United States.
Donald Trump: Maybe ‘Second Amendment people’ can do something about Hillary Clinton
'This is simple—what Trump is saying is dangerous.'
Transgender advocates show #LoveForGavin after SCOTUS blocks student bathroom ruling
Gavin Grimm's case will affect thousands of LGBT youth.
Reminder: Even white students can benefit from affirmative action
As SCOTUS rejected an anti-affirmative action case today, a reminder that the initiative isn't just about race.
One of Donald Trump's top Supreme Court picks totally hates him
One of his potential nominees called him 'Darth Trump.'