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Mike Huckabee and Donald TrumpHow Mike Huckabee became even worse than Donald Trump
Huck won't back down on his Holocaust comments, and it's killing his campaign.
I have a Master's degree and a full-time job—and I’m still applying for food stamps
For millions of Americans, it’s not getting better.
U.S. Women's National Team (USWNT) World Cup 2015 ticker tape paradeCongress demands FIFA stop paying female soccer players 40 times less than men
The 2015 Women's World Cup prize money was one-fourth the payout to the losing men's team.
birthday candlesMusic company's copyright on 'Happy Birthday' might soon be revoked
Documents reveal a version of the song that predates the 1935 copyright.
internet company logos on keyboardKeyboard Privacy Chrome extension makes tracking your typing behavior much harder
If you're worried about companies building a typing behavior profile of you, this is the extension to install.
donald trump speaking to an audienceDonald Trump’s race problem is even worse than you think
The Latino vote isn't his only issue.
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