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Illustration of a Muslim Repunlican The plight of Muslim Republicans in the Trump era
Muslim Republicans have worked decades for greater inclusion in the GOP. Now some are questioning their party’s future.
Policewoman with gun Will Barack Obama eventually score a victory on smart guns?
There's still a long way to go.
a woman silhouette in front of a political donkey and elephant Young women are unfollowing Hillary Clinton more than any other 2016 candidate
Who's losing the social media election?
A Muslim woman wearing a hijab Muslim woman sues California police who 'forcibly' removed her hijab
The lawsuit names the city of Long Beach, its police chief, as well as two officers.
Man using "Approved" stamp FISC approved all 2015 surveillance requests but required more wiretap modifications
Some call the court a 'rubber stamp' for government spying. But is it taking a harder look at surveillance requests?