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illustration of caitlyn jenner Earth to Wendy Williams: Transphobia is not a hot topic
Caitlyn Jenner and trans women like her deserve respect.
illustration of hillary clinton There's one pressing issue that can't be ignored during the first 2016 Democratic debate
It's time to stop paying lip service—no matter what solution you support.
Raven-Symone on The View The real reason why Raven-Symoné criticized 'Black-sounding' names
Raven-Symone deserves to be called out. But she also deserves help.
Stephen Colbert treats the Internet like an adult
Guests like Elon Musk and Tim Cook are bringing Silicon Valley to a whole new audience.
Why Coming Out Day still matters
For trans people and asexuals, coming out isn't just about visibility. It's survival.
abstract art of  facebook logo In praise of Facebook's new 'Like' button
It's about time.