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Dylann Roof and the shocking truth about the death penalty in America
There's more to the numbers on capital punishment than meets the eye.
I'm a married college graduate—but I'm still forced to live at home with my parents
It's time to stop talking about the problem with young people and focus on the problems we face.
How we reacted to the death of Cecil the Lion vs. the killing of black people
Why are people more outraged by Cecil the Lion than Sandra Bland's murder?
man holding a phone with a cracked screen. on the screen is an image of a sexy lady on a bedTeens should have the chance to erase their online mistakes
Why we need to protect teens from their Internet selves.
Snapchat ghost flying from QR codeWhy it's nearly impossible to become Snapchat famous
What happens after your Live Story snap gets viewed nearly 100,000 times? Nothing.
A 'gritty' Little Women reboot is a terrible idea—but not for the reason you think
Little Women was already a gritty dystopia. You just never noticed.
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