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Black Lives Matter protest - Millions March Oakland, December 20145 things everyone needs to stop saying about #BlackLivesMatter
It's time to stop making these mistakes.
Hunting Cecil the Lion was disgusting—but so is doxing his killer
The Internet enjoys the hunting of a different species, and cases like this make that painfully obvious.
Headless politician shrugging in front of American flagBernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and the truth about politics in the Internet era
Winning a presidential election in 2015 means winning Facebook.
The tragic downfall of iTunes is everything that's wrong with Apple
Apple is great at making people buy iPhones—but not as good at making people like them.
X-FilesIn defense of endings—why the world doesn't need another 'X-Files' reboot
We keep digging in the media graveyard, pulling up old bones. But when will we let the dead stay dead?
Why letting an app stalk your exes for you is a terrible idea
Haven't you people ever heard of closing a GD door?
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