Immortals take third in the NA LCS playoffs again with win over CLG
Hometown hero WildTurtle carries Immortals to 3rd place in front of Toronto crowd.
H2K pushes past the Unicorns of Love in the EU LCS
The team is now one step away from qualifying for Worlds.
Wunder is the player to watch in the EU LCS Final
After a bad Spring Split, Wunderwear's been on a tear.
HTC steps into debate over LCS revenue
HTC's esports says it wants clearer guidelines from Riot.
Riot president addresses controversy as owners promise proposal to fix problems
Riot Games founder Marc Merrill's misguided statements Monday have brought the League of Legends esports community together.
Riot admits dynamic queue mistake, solo queue returns for high ranked players
After a year of frustration for high ranked League of Legends players, solo queue is back.