The intersection of the internet and the state.
Police bust $2.26 million dark net drug ring in Finland
The smugglers allegedly used birdhouses to move millions in illegal drugs.
Facebook's plan to stop ad blockers may violate E.U. law
The war over ad blockers is far from over.
Here's how much prison time the Leslie Jones hackers could face if they're caught
In theory, the hackers could face computer crime, identity theft, and hate crime charges.
You need to update your iPhone to iOS 9.3.5 right now
Serious flaws in iOS mean everything on your device is vulnerable to spying.
Privacy policies make users trust websites less, not more
Admit it: you've never read a website's privacy policy in your life.
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The Clinton campaign uses a highly touted encrypted app to discuss Trump
Signal is considered the gold standard in encryption apps.
Megaupload domain hijacked to serve up softcore porn
This isn't the first time Megaupload has been compromised since the FBI got ahold of the domain.
Federal judge blocks North Carolina's HB2 bathroom law at UNC
HB2 was passed in March and has faced opposition ever since.
Police raid of anti-police corruption blogger's home deemed unconstitutional
A defamation claim filed by a local business owner was also tossed out.
Social media throttling in Turkey points to wartime censorship efforts
Turkey blocked access to three social media sites for seven hours on Thursday.