The Islamic State, more commonly known as ISIS, is an Islamic fundamentalist militant group that controls territory in both Iraq and Syria, and has affiliates in other parts of the world, including North Africa and South Asia. The group, which calls itself Daesh, has been accused of human rights abuses, war crimes, and has taken responsibility for attacks around the globe.
ISIS identifies U.S. churches to attack this holiday season
ISIS wants to 'turn the Christian New Year into a bloody horror movie.'
At least 9 killed, dozens injured in apparent terror attack on Berlin Christmas market
The driver was arrested fleeing the scene.
ISIS releases new how-to guides for 'lone wolf' knife attacks
An ISIS magazine praised the attack at Ohio State University.
ISIS is already celebrating Donald Trump's presidency
In online forums ISIS supporters claim Trump's win will lead to more conflicts worldwide.
The battle for Mosul is streaming live on Facebook
History is being streamed right before our eyes.
Donald Trump casts doubts on Russia hacking DNC, points to 400-pound bed-dweller
'The computer aspect of cyber is very tough. It’s hardly doable.'